This version is in post production and is very rough with gaps in visual & musical content and no color correction,
audio equalization or sound design…. Stay tuned for final release …. Thank you!

Monique Trinity Rose, dancer, choreographer and producer of Rebirth of the Devadasi and creator of the Dakini Rose Gardens, speaks candidly on the role of the modern priestess in context of dance and the sacred arts in this time of transformation. Interview accompanied by video footage of the modern tribal dance performance Rebirth of the Devadasi performed at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, Oregon. Music my musical alchemist Solus Soulsinger; interview by Sharron Rose of Sacred Mysteries. I photographed the photographed Rebirth of the Devadasi and interview with Monique using a Canon 5D M3 with Canon L Series lenses, edited in FCP X and produced.