Logline : Guy and Angela collide at the quintessential intersection of biological clock and commitment.


Please see crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to financially help support the final editing of the complete movie >> https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/navaswan

A narrative short produced as part of earning my David Lynch MA in Film.

The film was inspired by the poem Within The Castle by Sasha Kamini Parmasad. I created the story and wrote the script with Sasha. I directed and produced; Miryam Lopez co-produced, Emily Wofford played Angela and R.A. Borok played Guy. Micah Salaberrios was director of photography, Patrick Sphar and Brian Hawthorne, location sound. Kinga Kulcsar edited, create all special visual effects and color graded the film. Don ‘Adonai’ Streeter did audio post, Lanie Goldstein, assistant director, Alphonso James lighting designer, Manuel Coradin set designer, Mary Roche set design, props, wardrobe and talent, Satya Griggs, hair and make-up. Introducing Sebastian’ the cat in his first cameo appearance. Original musical score composed and performed by Daniel Sperry. Executive produced by Joanna Plafsky and C. Denny. Shot on location using a Canon 5D M3 and Canon L Series lenses; handcrafted in Fairfield, Iowa.

‘Navaswan’ won the Best Narrative Short Film award at the First Annual Rishikesh Art & Film Festival held in Rishikesh, India in March 2017.