My dear friend Ananda Kesler is one of five women artists who formed the LUNA Art Collective in 2013 to cross-culturally explore the shared idea that art can transcend prejudice, division and myth. Hailing from four countries – USA, France, Italy and Israel – and collectively speaking seven languages, Leslie Batty, Alexander Rouard, Ananda Kessler, Nicole Brauch and Ivana Minafra formed LUNA after a group exhibit at a Paris art gallery.

This short impromptu interview was shot at the Corridor 2112 Gallery in Fresno, California, USA in May 2015 where the collective showed their most recent work influenced by renowned architect and futurist Calvino Italo’s book Invisible Cities.

In the Invisible Cities show, each woman explores through their art metaphorical cities that represent the challenges and traps that all humans face in our private and social life.

For more information go to LUNA Art Collective.