I had the good fortune to have darshan of Ganga Ma, the Hindu Devi presiding over the birth and sustenance of the Ganges River in a small river town in the Himalayan foothills. As I kneeled to take a photograph of Ganga Ma’s murthi, yet before I clicked the shutter, I experienced a complete dissolution of my self as I know it to be my personality, my ego, my human beingness and all that remained was a hollow reed connecting the vast omnipresence of the cosmos with the Murthi in front me. I knew in that instant that Ganga Ma had taken the photograph and that I had clicked the shutter, a humbling privilege indeed.

Not long after my return home to the US I started the Divine Mother Abode, an open source multimedia project where men and women from all cultures and traditions can share their creative expressions in all forms of their direct cognitive experiences of the Divine Mother.

The 108 images presented here were done one at a time as a photographic sketch, each day at the end of my meditation sadhana for 108 days.

‘Divine Mother’ won the Best Interpretive Film award at the First Annual Rishikesh Art & Film Festival held in Rishikesh, India in March 2017.