Fawn Journeyhawk was a renowned Native American medicine keeper of the Mandan and Shawnee nations for nearly seventy years. I had the great honor to be introduced to Fawn by Dr. Stanley Krippner who, for more than forty years, had attempted to photograph, audio record, film, or videotape, Fawn, all to no avail as the equipment failed for one reason or another. For whatever reason, I had the good fortune to successfully videotape Fawn as she was interviewed by my good friend Ronald Boyer as part of his MA thesis in depth psychology at Sonoma State University. The nearly five hours of ethnographic interview is the only recorded interview of Fawn and was, for the first time, presented at the International Conference on Shamanic Studies at the Institute for Noetic Sciences over Labor Day 2017. This short segment was excerpted from the more than 5 hours of video recordings photographed in June 2012; the original footage has been archived at the esteemed Institute for Shamanic Studies. Gary Stroutsos, a flutist, and protege of the renowned Paul Horn, known for his interpretation of traditional songs of Native American nations spent time with the Manadan peoples and learned some of their traditional songs. Gary was kind enough to provide one of his recordingsof the Mandan people, “Songs of Mandans”, for this video.