Deja Vu, Return of TransMountain, is an environmental advocacy / documentary designed to bring public attention in Washington State to an ill-conceived and highly controversial super tanker port slated for a development on the Washington State side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca with an accompanying oil pipeline that transversed the northern range of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and crossed the neck of Puget Sound on its way to an oil refinery located at Anacortes, Washington.

This was the third time that Transmountain, a Canadian oil company, had proposed the idea and backed with big money and powerful lobbyists almost got it passed by the Washington State Legislature.

I worked with the Washington Environmental Council, a consortium of more than 90 local community organizations throughout Washington State to to develop, write, direct and produce this video on zero budget. Once the film was complete we distributed nearly 200 VHS cassettes to local community legislators and congressional representatives who upon viewing were more informed than having listened solely to corporate lobbyists and did the right thing by defeating the proposal by a wide margin. This video was shot and produced in 1992.

This production was shot on 3/4″ video and edited on the Video Toaster, the first PC-based non-linear editing system that had recently been released. Rendering roughly 8 seconds of 2D animation showing the impact of a potential oil spill in Puget Sound took almost 48 hours of computer processing time. LightHawk, whose mission is to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight, provided the aircraft and pilot that enabled us to shoot our aerial scenes over the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the majestic Olympic Mountains.

Note:  This version of the video has been digitized from a second generation VHS videotape because I cannot find my original 3/4″ Master. Please forgive the color rendition, obvious lip synching and sound problems and generally poor video quality; the original was much better!