Sitting on the southeast side of Arunachala photographing a 5,000 year old Jain temple in Tiruvannamalai, India

Sitting on the southeast side of Arunachala photographing a 5,000-year-old Jain temple in Tiruvannamalai, India

M. Baraka | Writer – Director – Photographer – Cinematographer – Producer – Executive Producer

Born and brought up in Manhattan’s gritty, exuberant, raucous, multi-ethnic, and culinary treasure-trove East Village neighborhood, Marc first raised a camera to his eye when he was about 10 years old. A natural inquisitiveness of the gleaming teeming metropolis known affectionately as Gotham and the freedom to roam the city unfettered by parental insecurity launched his lifelong love of art, architecture, design and all things form – and, a foundational quest to fully experience the inner creative process and the most manifest expressions of

Marc’s photographs were first publicly shown at the Brooklyn Museum in a group exhibit, The Young Eye, Photographers Under Sixteen and at Manhattan’s well-known 92nd Street Y. Since then, he has shown his work selectively in private showings while sequentially pursuing careers in community activism, environmental and city planning, advertising, and technology marketing, where as a strategic marketing and communications consultant he works with market leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Tata and Wipro.

Marc is a co-founder in Etheralabs, a blockchainn venture fund and a founding partner of Malidan Capital, an angel venture fund and performance management consultancy focused on early-stage companies. Marc also founded JustTagIt, the world’s first company that enables people to own and register a hashtag just like a domain name on the blockchain. Marc served as Co-CEO of Wholelife, a new media and e-commerce company focused on the Quality of Life market. Marc was a co-founder and CMO of Forensic Scan, an enterprise cybersecurity company with a patented hardware-software solution that reduces malware identification time by more than 75 percent. Marc was a co-founder and director of marketing for Glob Media Works which launched and sold within 18 months, TagLikeMe a search+social engine based in the cloud. Prior to Glob, Marc co-founded and was CEO of Topaz Bridge, a SharePoint-based enterprise middleware company and prior to Topaz, was CMO for NS8, a publicly traded digital media software company that was an early entrant to the online video-on-demand market.

Marc was a business value focused marketing communications strategy consultant to Microsoft from 1996 to 2014 where he helped create the Microsoft Business Value team which developed a financial modeling and business alignment process that enabled IT professionals to make credible, finance-based business case to C-level executives before technology deployment.

As the go-to business value marketing communications professional at Microsoft he helped launch four versions of Windows Server and Client and Office, as well as Tablet PC, SharePoint Server, Forms Server, Small Business Server, Enterprise Project Management and Windows Phone 8. He was the first person at Microsoft to write publicly about TCO and business value as financial performance management tools for IT and the first person, in 1996, to write a series of 23 articles focused on enterprise CXOs on the business value of using the then-nascent World Wide Web for business.

Marc’s marketing communications clients include Cisco, Intel, Tata and Wipro and through Microsoft, more than 300 of the world’s leading business and consumer brands.

Marc’s films have been acclaimed for their originality, innovation, and cinematic quality and have won awards at the First Annual Rishikesh Art & Film Festival, Rishikesh, India, March 2017 in three categories, Best Narrative Short (‘Navasawn’), Best Interpretive film (‘Divine Mother Reconstructed’) and Best Experimental Film (‘P A R A  :  Unbounded Stillness in Motion’).

Currently, Marc divides his times between LA and NYC as a co-Founding Partner in Etheralabs a blockchain venture fund, growing JustTagIt and leading Nuovadyne Marketing Group, a marketing and media firm that provides strategic development and implementation of marketing, communications and social media for enterprises and start-up companies in the fields of software, cloud-based computing, green-clean technologies and digital media.

Marc is available for domestic or global business marketing and communications assignments as well as for social advocacy projects for causes that are important to him.

If you are interested in Marc’s executive leadership, marketing or communications work please visit MBStrauch or Nuovadyne Marketing Group.

If you are interested in seeing Marc’s current personal projects please visit Divine Mother Abode or Mystical Rumi.

Marc can be reached globally at marcbaraka-at-gmail-dot-com.


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